0.5mm PET Plastic Sheet Manufacturer

0.5mm PET Plastic Sheet Manufacturer

The 0.5mm PET plastic sheet is a highquality plastic material known for its excellent transparency and durability. Widely used in packaging, printing, advertising, and craft making industries, this plastic sheet offers a wide range of creative and practical applications for customers.


Product Features:

 HighQuality Material: Crafted from premium PET plastic material, it boasts exceptional clarity and glossiness.

 Strong Durability: The PET plastic sheet exhibits high resistance to wear and tear, maintaining its shape and integrity.

 Ease of Processing: Suitable for various processing methods such as cutting, folding, and molding, allowing for diverse shapes and designs.

 Environmentally Friendly: Compliant with environmental standards, the PET plastic sheet is recyclable, reducing environmental impact.



1. Packaging Industry: Ideal for producing clear packaging boxes, thermoformed packaging, etc.

2. Printing Industry: Used as printing material for advertising posters, signage, and more.

3. Advertising Production: Suitable for creating advertising lightboxes, display racks, and other promotional items.

4. Craft Making: Perfect for crafting art pieces, models, and creative projects.

  • Form Parameters

Product Specifications:

 Thickness: 0.5mm

 Material: PET plastic

 Size: Custom sizes available based on customer requirements

 Color: Transparent or customizable according to customer preferences

 Surface Treatment: Smooth surface suitable for printing and coating