What are the different types of carrier tape?

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Carrier tape is a transparent plastic bag and is also a type of packaging used in the industry. The main raw material for carrier tape is PET, which is commonly used to package electronic components, toothbrushes, snacks, and more. It is a solid packaging method that improves packaging efficiency and safety.


Different types of carrier tape include single-row carrier tape, dual-row carrier tape, embossed carrier tape, flat carrier tape, hybrid carrier tape, and others.

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Single-row carrier tape: Single-row carrier tape is one of the most common types. It consists of a row of storage cells, with each cell typically used to accommodate a single electronic component. Single-row carrier tape is suitable for smaller components such as chip diodes, resistors, and capacitors.


Dual-row carrier tape: Dual-row carrier tape contains two rows of storage cells, with each row typically used to accommodate a single electronic component. Dual-row carrier tape is suitable for larger components such as integrated circuits (ICs) and connectors.


Embossed carrier tape: Embossed carrier tape has protruding embossments on both sides of each storage cell, which are used to secure and position the components. Embossed carrier tape prevents components from moving or falling off during transportation.


Flat carrier tape: Flat carrier tape does not have protruding embossments and has a flat surface. It is suitable for thinner components such as flat chips and sensors.


Stacked carrier tape: Stacked carrier tape is a special type used for packaging components that are stacked in layers. Each storage cell can accommodate multiple components, allowing them to be tightly arranged and saving space during storage and transportation.


Hybrid carrier tape: Hybrid carrier tape combines different types of storage cells to accommodate components of various sizes and types. For example, single-row and dual-row storage cells can be combined on the same carrier tape to accommodate components of different sizes.


In summary 

Carrier tape is used for packaging various products, depending on the required specifications and strength of the packaging. When choosing packaging materials, it is important to select the appropriate carrier tape. There are various models available in the market, making it easy to choose the right one. Carrier tape also comes in different materials such as APET and GAG, so consumers should choose the suitable type for their needs.