What is the name for transparent plastic paper?

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The commonly referred to transparent plastic paper is actually a type of transparent plastic material, widely used in various packaging, printing, decorating, and craft fields. In the market, there are many different types of transparent plastic paper, with the most common being polyethylene plastic film (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyester film (PET), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), etc.

Transparent plastic paper is actually transparent plastic film or packaging, which is a packaging material and printing material widely used in the market. This transparent plastic film or paper has a transparent appearance, but there are many types, with commonly seen ones including polyethylene film, polypropylene, polyester film, and polyvinyl chloride, etc. They can all be used to make transparent packaging materials and transparent plastic paper, but what are the differences between them?


Polyethylene Film

Polyethylene film (PE) is a common packaging material with good flexibility and tear resistance, and it is cost-effective, making it very suitable for packaging large commodities. PE film has good waterproof properties and can effectively isolate moisture, so it is often used for fresh food packaging.

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Polypropylene Film

Polypropylene (PP) film is known for its excellent heat stability and chemical stability. PP film is not easily eroded by chemicals such as acids and alkalis, and it has good heat resistance, making it suitable for making packaging bags for microwave-heated foods. PP film also has a certain degree of transparency, making it an ideal choice for transparent materials such as folders and albums.


Polyester Film

Polyester film (PET) holds a very important position in transparent plastic paper. PET film has excellent physical properties, including good mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and transparency, as well as resistance to heat, cold, and chemical corrosion. This material is widely used in flexible packaging, tape production, and insulation materials for some electronic products.

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Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a tough and durable plastic film, often used to make protective covers for office supplies, ID cards, and credit cards due to its good flexibility and chemical resistance, as well as various building and decorative materials. PVC material can also be colored and made into different colored and patterned transparent films.


Application Areas

The application of transparent plastic paper is very extensive, not only used for product packaging, but also playing a crucial role in advertising, printing, medical, electronic, and automotive industries.

In the printing industry, transparent plastic paper can be used as the base material for various labels and stickers, using its transparent characteristics to produce beautiful effects, while also protecting the printed content from wearing out.


In the medical field, transparent plastic bags are used to package various medical instruments and drugs to ensure product cleanliness and sterility.


In the electronics industry, transparent plastic film is used as an insulation layer for electronic components to prevent short circuits and current leakage. In the automotive industry, transparent plastic film is commonly used as window film, providing functions of heat insulation, UV resistance, and privacy protection.