What Are The Benefits Of HIPS Plastic?

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HIPS plastic is a thermoplastic polymer, the main benefits of this plastic are that it is low cost, versatile and easy to process, this material is a copolymer, what is a copolymer is a combination of polystyrene and polybutadiene. It is made from the monomer styrene and the rubbery cost butadiene, and the benefits of this thermoplastic polymer are numerous.

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What is HIPS plastic?

HIPS plastic is a commonly used plastic material, the full name is High Impact High Foam Polystyrene (High Impact Polystyrene), is made from polystyrene (PS) and rubber and other materials blended together.HIPS plastic has good impact resistance, processability and surface smoothness, commonly used in electronic product packaging, household appliance shells, food packaging, toys, and other applications. Due to its easy processing, relatively low cost, and good surface decorative properties, HIPS plastic is widely used in plastics processing and injection molding. The material can be molded by blow molding, extrusion, and injection molding processes and has excellent molding properties for the production of complex shaped products. HIPS plastics are favored for their ability to provide good performance in many applications where robustness and durability are required.

Uses for HIPS plastics include:

HIPS plastics have many uses and can be used in the packaging industry, home appliance field, advertising industry, plastic products, construction materials and more.

Packaging industry: HIPS plastic is commonly used in food packaging, daily necessities packaging and medical device packaging, etc. Its impact resistance and surface smoothness make it ideal for making boxes, trays and containers.

Home Appliances: Due to its good molding performance and impact resistance, HIPS plastic is commonly used to produce appliance housings, such as TV housings and washing machine panels.

Advertising industry: HIPS plastic is widely used for indoor and outdoor billboards, display stands, signage and advertising letters.

Plastic products: HIPS plastic can be used for the production of toys, stationery, models, handicrafts and various plastic products due to its easy processing and low cost.

Construction materials: HIPS plastic can also be used to make architectural models, decorative materials and interior decorative components for construction applications.



Provides a single substance that can perform all necessary tasks. As a result, production costs can be reduced and output increased because flame retardant coatings and spraying are not required. 

Can be adapted to the needs of individualized products


Increases product durability by improving mechanical quality, color retention, and dimensional accuracy.

Practical Uses: Many common items, from cell phone chargers and wall sockets to earbuds and keyboards, are made with HIPS flame retardant chemicals. The incorporation of HIPS flame-retardant chemicals in these products helps limit the spread of flame on plastic surfaces. As a result, items that need to comply with fire safety rules may benefit greatly from the use of HIPS flame retardants.