PET Strap Roll
PET Strap Roll
PET Strap Roll
PET Strap Roll

PET Strap Roll

Pet strap roll is a high-strength and environmentally friendly packaging material made of polyester (PET) as raw material. It has high tension, wear resistance, and stability. It has been widely used in the packaging, logistics, manufacturing, and other industries.

Pet strap roll is suitable for packaging of various shapes and weights, such as wood, stone, metal products, chemicals, powders, etc. It has good environmental performance, can be recycled, helps to reduce packaging costs, and improves work efficiency and packaging quality.

Pet strap roll packaging materials can be used with electric or manual strapping machines to make it more convenient, fast, and safe to complete the packaging tasks. It can also enhance brand image by printing various information and company logos, making your products more personalized and identifiable.

In summary, Pet strap roll is a versatile, high-strength, economical, and environmentally friendly packaging material that can meet various complex packaging needs. 

  • Form Parameters

Product Name: PET Strap Roll

Material: Polyester (PET)


Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Length (m/roll)Tensile Strength (N/mm²)

Packaging: Each roll is packed in a high-quality plastic bag and then placed in a standard export carton.

Carton Size: 42cm x 42cm x 12cm

Rolls per Carton:

Width (mm)Rolls per Carton

Note: Custom specifications and packaging are available upon request.

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