Carrier Tape and Reel
Carrier Tape and Reel

Carrier Tape and Reel

Our carrier tapes and reels are used for packaging electronic components in the electronics industry. The carrier tape is made of durable plastic material designed to securely hold the components during transportation and storage.

The tape is wound on a reel for ease of handling and efficient production. Our carrier tapes and reels come in various sizes and thicknesses, suitable for different component sizes and shapes.

We can customize to meet your specific requirements, including material type, color, size, and configuration.

What is carrier tape and reel?

Heat or pressure-sensitive cover tape is used to seal the units. For loading onto component-placement machinery, the carrier tape is looped around a common industrial reel.

Automatic and manual taping that complies with EIA

1.Cheap and effective non-conductive tapes

2.personal tapes

3.There are accessible all common component tapes.

4.Heat-sealing or PSA tapes

5.cardboard, conductive, or antistatic reels

6.dry baking package

7.Taping and Axial and Radial Forming

The act of taping involves placing electronic parts in discrete carrier tape pockets. Heat or gland tapes are used to seal these devices. In order to put the carrier tape into component placement equipment, it is coiled onto reels that are industry standard.

Every week, Hongkai reels and inspects millions of conventional and bespoke assemblies. We abide by additional client needs as well as industry standards like EIA and JEDEC. Our cutting-edge tape machinery delivers your product the caliber you want and deserve. Hongkai is capable of packaging a wide range of devices thanks to our extensive selection of conventional and design-specific carrier tapes.

We can braid and reel pack the parts to your requirements, whether the pieces are bulk, tubular, or palletized. We can efficiently manage any large or small volume tasks thanks to our skilled engineers, operators, and inspectors.



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