ABS Carrier Tape

ABS Carrier Tape

ABS Carrier Tape is a heat and flame retardant, lightweight material used in the industrial automation industry and other applications. It is a semi-rigid material, and comes in standard widths and thicknesses. Its special clarity provides users with good visibility into the applied items, and allows for the uniform spacing of components.


ABS Carrier Tape is manufactured to pre-specified lengths, with the exception of certain customizable options. This allows for higher consistency and improved uniformity. ABS Carrier Tape also features low friction in packing lines, temperature resistance, and easy re-opening.


ABS Carrier Tape has a wide range of applications, including electronic circuit boards and industrial components. It is widely used in electronic equipment and instruments, precision components, and mechanical components. In addition, it can also be used in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

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What is a carrier tape?

A carrier tape is a strip of plastic material used for transporting and protecting electronic components during assembly, storage, and shipment.

What are the different types of carrier tapes?

There are several types of carrier tapes including pocket tape, cover tape, and reel. Pocket tape has pockets that hold individual electronic components, while cover tape seals the pockets and protects the components from damage. Reel is a continuous strip of carrier tape wound onto a reel.

What does embossed carrier tape do?

Embossed carrier tape has raised bumps or depressions that align and hold electronic components securely in place within the pockets of the tape. This helps prevent the components from shifting or falling out during handling and transport.

What is the width of carrier tape?

The width of carrier tape varies based on the size of the electronic component being transported. Common widths include 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, and 44mm. The specific width required will depend on the size and shape of the component.